In Plazma Burst 2, there are various achievements in the game such as wall jumping and beating levels on Hard difficulty. To check your achievements, go to Campaign mode, then click on Achievements near the top right corner.

What are Achievements?

Accomplishing achievements are fairly straight forward. For example, in order to accomplish the "Kill 100 Enemies", you must kill 100 enemies. Some such as "Destroy a vehicle with swords" are simple compared to "Beat Level 41 at Hard level of difficulty". Achievements you have accomplished appear in green, achievements you have started accomplishing and currently in progess are in yellow and achievements you have no progress in finishing or have started are in red. Technically, you haven't beaten the game until you accomplish all of the achievements. It is possible to accomplish some of these achievements in multiplayer, with the exception of achievements exclusive to Campaign mode only.

List of Achievements

There are 23 achievements total:

  • Kill 100 enemies
  • Kill 30 enemies with swords
  • Make 40 headshots
  • Kill an enemy when you are dead (Note: This achievement is easy to get in multiplayer.)
  • Kill an enemy when you are dying (Note: This achievement, like the previous one, is easy to get in multiplayer.)
  • Kill 10 enemies when you are in water, on the rope, hanging on a ledge, or unstable
  • Destroy all of the barrels in any 3 levels which has at least 5 barrels
  • Kill 20 dying enemies with swords
  • Kill an enemy with the help of an elevator or door (Note: Use a door and crush an enemy with it.)
  • Mirror 20 projectiles. (Note: Use PSI Swords to deflect bullets.)
  • Pass a mission with no kills
  • Beat all of the campaign levels at any level of difficulty
  • Beat level 42 at Normal or Hard level of difficulty
  • Beat level 41 at Normal or Hard level of difficulty
  • Beat level 41 at Hard difficulty
  • Break 50 enemies in two parts
  • Pass at least 10 levels at Hard level of difficulty
  • Destroy a vehicle with swords
  • Kill 5 invisible enemies with swords
  • Kill 40 enemies at Hard level of difficulty
  • Do a wall jump (Note: It is almost impossible to pass level 2 without getting this achievement.)
  • Pass a mission with no shots at Normal or Hard level of difficulty
  • Make x5 times more damage than received after beating a mission (make at least 100 damage)


  • In the achievements gallery, "Achievements" heading is mispelled as "Achivements".

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