Although the new level editor has less numbers and codes needed, some players find it just as hard. In this page you'll be shown the basics of map making.

Designing your map

Map designing is probably the easiest part of map making. When map making you need to:

Overlap walls

This part is needed for people to like your map. This shows how to not overlap a wall and how it looks in game and a properly overlapped wall.

Layout of walls

You should always make walls neat. Not too thin or too thick. This is what happens if you make a too thin wall in the level editor and view it in game:

Screenshot 5-1

It can be very glitchy and you can easily go through it.

Screenshot 6-2

If you want to have a symmetrical map then make half of the map, select all and then press H or V (H for horizontal flip and V for vertical flip).

Screenshot 7-1

Always remember to connect the walls in the middle.

Screenshot 8-1

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