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The Alien Shotgun is a long range rifle like shotgun weapon used by the Usurpation Forces. This shotgun is a long, dual-barrel weapon that fires two white,blue bullets with considerable accuracy and damage, making it more effective at long and mid range. It is one of the three shotguns found in the game, along with the Shotgun CS-DAZ and Shotgun C-01s. This shotgun functions more as a long-range rifle than the the other shotguns.

The Alien Shotgun is something of a double-shot version of the Alien Rifle. It functions similarly, but deals more damage, especially at close range, however, this is only the case if both of its projectiles hit the target. It looks very similar to the Alien Rifle, except with different colors and a different barrel. This is almost always used by the Advanced Usurpation Soldiers and Android T-01187s, and it is never used by any other enemy, other than enemies who pick up the weapon, and the two allied androids in level 37. Its accuracy and range blurs the boundary line between shotguns and long-range weaponry. This can be a rather unique trait for a shotgun.

This gun in similar in appearance to the Alien Rifle. The weapon consists of a long, white trapezoid body with a small red emblem on the top front of the receiver. It sports 2 grey barrels that jut out of the front main section of the weapon. The end of the gun slants back into a pistol grip/stock and curls. The Alien Shotgun has no visible trigger, and the trigger guard is not completely enclosed. Like the Alien Rifle, this shotgun contains markings on the front side; these are most likely used as the weapon is operating.

Two Androids T-O1187 wielding Alien Shotguns.

This gun can eventually become obsolete as the Campaign progresses, like other Usurpation weaponry, because enemies become stronger, and the demand for an effective close range shotgun in addition to a rifle becomes necessary for a successful arsenal. However, it can still be a very valuable weapon for several reasons. It can knock its target off balance, it has a medium firing rate and decent damage, and it has considerable range. However, the other two shotguns have much more knockback, making this gun obsolete at close range on later levels, and against enemies with higher health. Overall, its accuracy over a long range makes a well-rounded weapon that is suitable for many different combat roles. Its range and accuracy allow for a less accurate rifle to be used alongside it, such as the Minigun.


The Alien Shotgun can be picked up in the levels 2 and 3. It can only be picked up from fallen Advanced Usurpation Soldiers. The weapon can also be bought from the Equipment Shop for $1500 credits. It can be upgraded for $350 credits. It has a fully upgraded price of $2550 credits.


  • The Alien Shotgun's color matches both the colors of the Advanced Usurpation Soldiers and both models of the Androids from Plazma Burst 2.
  • It has an abnormally high fire rate for a shotgun, higher than the other two shotguns by a significant amount.
    Screenshot 503

    The Alien Shotgun right after the 2 shots.

  • It is also known as the Long Range Shotgun because of its accuracy and the fact its bullets never spread out.
  • It is a very common weapon in Multiplayer custom maps, being the preferred weapon by many players for its versatile combat roles.

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