Throughout the Plazma Burst series, either Earth or another human organization has been at the peril of an alien race of some sort. The first alien threat consisted of the Falkoks. These enemies were stationed on an unknown planet in the first installment. Then there were the Usurpation Forces, seen attacking Earth in the second game for an unknown reason, possibly to enslave the human race. The Falkoks are seen in the first game on a planet that is not Earth, but is a close neighbor to Earth. It is not known if this race is the native inhabitant of the planet, or just a visitor, sent to fight the human soldiers.

Usurpation Forces

  • Minor Usurpation Soldier
  • Major Usurpation Soldier
  • Advanced Usurpation Soldier
  • Usurpation Destroyer

The Usurpation Forces are a high-tech race, that fights the Civil Security as well as the Marine on many occasions, intent on taking over Earth. They were discovered by accident when humans first invented teleportation by an experiement. They use the Alien Pistol, Alien Rifle, and the Alien Shotgun, as well as other weaponry. Here are the known types of Usurpation units.


  • Falkok
  • Phoenix Falkok
  • Falkok Boss

The Falkoks are another species of aliens seen guarding their planet in Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past. Not much else is known about this species. They are notable in that they use Correction Nine weaponry, for some odd reason. They appeared as major threats in the original Plazma Burst, but were demoted to a cameo appearance in Plazma Burst 2. Currently, only three known Falkok units are in the series and consists of:


  • Grub
  • Elite Grub (Red/Blue)
  • Elite Grub (Yellow/Red)

The Grubs are a species of alien, only encountered in Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past. They are a strange cyber-organic race, not wielding weapons conventionally; instead, they utilize arm cannons. Very little is known about these creatures, except they wage active war against the Human Soldiers. They may be in some way related to the mysterious TCoRR faction hinted at in the series, considering the Elite Grubs use the Ray Rifle as an arm cannon. Two types of Grubs are known, though the Elite Grub technically has two versions.