Screenshot 10-0

Proxy pressing the button which teleports the androids above you.

Secret Androids Activated

The message that appears once you press the button.

The allied Android SLC-56s are a pair of two androids that take up arms against the player's enemies and fight along side Proxy and the Marine. They appear on Level 37 of the Campaign. To find these allies, one must climb up a few platforms next to a few Destroyers and activate the switch. Two androids will teleport in and act as the player's allies.

The origin of these allies is unknown. It is possible that these androids suffered under the hands of a major faction and escaped, or they were a mass-produced war product that found their way into an alliance with the protagonists. There is still speculation regarding the origins of these androids and the similar Android in Level 42 and why they decided to become allies with the player.


Screenshot 12-0

You can use the androids to your advantage by being able to dodge incoming projectiles easily and also the ability to move much faster.


  • A known and potentially game breaking bug can occur when playing as one of these androids and using cheats. Switching to a robot and using the cheat dm, and then killing the Marine and the Proxy and finishing the level as the robot will cause the inventory and shop screen to glitch out and not display anything for the rest of the game. The only fix is to force the game into giving you items by using the give all cheat.

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