The Android SLC-56 is a playable character in Level 42 and is a minor protagonist in the Plazma Burst 2 series. It becomes playable only after beating the main protagonist campaign on the final level. Although this ally is not part of the main protagonist trio, it plays an important role in the end of the campaign when it escapes from the Civil Security compound.

The android allegedly escaped from the Civil Security cave after the level. It may be a defector to another faction, an experiment gone wrong, or an escaped prisoner. The Civil Security used Ghosts to attempt to stop it, to no avail, as the player completes the level to 'beat' the campaign.

It is equipped with PSI Blades and a Heavy Railgun. Its current fate is unknown; it is likely that it went into hiding or went undercover to avoid capture.


  • It is the fastest player in campaign, aside from the secret Androids in Level 37.
  • There have been speculations that this particular Android was built by the Civil Security and then went postal.
  • It could be a prototype that the Civil Security built and placed in that cave for testing. It could have malfunctioned, which explains why the Civil Security Ghosts were there to destroy or train it.
  • This Android might be a character in Plazma Burst 3 and an ally of the Marine and might join his squad. (Note: This is purely speculation.)