Two Android T-01187 wielding Alien Shotguns

The Androids are an enemy faction in Plazma Burst 2. They are a sentient race of AI machines that are hostile to the other factions, including the Marine and his allies. In some rare cases in the Plazma Burst 2 campaign however, androids can serve as minor allies to the heroes. They posses an array of weaponry, ranging from Railguns, to Rocket Launchers. The Androids encountered throughout the series are fairly unique from one another. In Plazma Burst 2, there are two sub-classes of androids, from the fast and agile Android SLC-56, to the more humanoid Android T-01187.

In Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past, Grubs are often considered androids and share many features with the androids of the second game. It is possible, however, that grubs are in fact cyborgs, and not androids.


  • Android SLC-56
  • Android T-01187
  • Grub
  • Elite Grub

Android SLC-56

They are the fastest enemies in the campaign, and the most numerous Android enemy. The Android SLC-56s wield dangerous weapons like Lite Railguns, Alien ShotgunsRocket Launchers, and sometimes Heavy Railguns. In Level 42, the player can control an Android SLC-56 armed with a Heavy Railgun. Only two are seen carrying Alien Shotguns, which can be activated as teammates in level 37.

Android T-01187

One of the rarest enemies in Plazma Burst 2, these androids are only found in level 8. These androids are more humanoid in appearance than the other androids. They mostly use the Alien Shotgun, and they are found in groups. A few are seen carrying Rocket Launchers. These androids are slower and weaker than their SLC-56 counterparts, both in terms of firepower and armor. The Android T-01187 is a relatively easy enemy to fight.


Found in the first Plazma Burst game, the Grub is a common, yellow android/cyborg. Grubs are typically easy to destroy and carry only a integrated shotgun-like arm cannon. Unlike the androids of the second game, Grubs have yellow blood. This has lead to much speculation about the possibility that they are not androids, and are, in fact, cyborg-like aliens.

Elite Grub

The Elite Grub is also found in PB:FttP and is similar to the Grub. Elite Grubs have better firepower and armor than normal Grubs. The Elite Grub has metallic armor, but bleeds yellow blood, and may also be a cyborg-type enemy.


  • They are the rarest and smallest of the enemy factions.
  • Both Plazma Burst 2 androids are primarily white, have red visors and sport a similar design.