Arm Cannons

The Arm Cannon is a device on which weapons are mounted used by Grubs and Elite Grubs in Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past. All Grubs have an Arm Cannon and all weapons used by the Grubs are part of the Arm Cannon.


Grub Variant

This variant fires shotgun like bullets, and it fits in with the Grub's yellow color scheme. Its perfomance is similar to the Shotgun C-01s.

Elite Grub Variant

This variant fires the same bullets as the Grub Variant, but fits in with the Elite Grub's color scheme.

Ray Rifle Variant

This variant fires Plasma Cannon like bullets, but at a very, very high speed. It's similar to the Ray Rifle TCoRR from Plazma Burst 2. It has the Elite Grub's color scheme.

Rocket Launcher Variant

This variant looks similar to the Grub Variant, but it fires a rocket at the same speed as the Marine's Rocket Launcher. It is designed to go on the Elite Grub.

Sword Variant

It is unknown whether or not this variant is actually a sword, or just something else, but it is unused.

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