fightforthebase is an approved map made for Plazma Burst 2 Multiplayer. The map can hold up to 12 players, 6 players on each team. It is generally classified as a Red vs. Blue map and played in Team Deathmatch mode, but it also supports Deathmatch and Cooperative modes.


Unlike ordinary Red vs. Blue maps, the map does not have weapons colored specifically for one team. All weapons in the map can be picked up by both teams. The map features a large 3 story base with multiple buttons in it. These buttons can open and close the main door at the front of the base, or activate the elevator. There is a smaller base to the left of the main base. It faces the main base, and also has a door that can be opened or closed. Both of the bases are connected through an underground passage.


The map used to be unapproved. It used to feature a base that only had two entrances and it was extremely hard for the team not occupying the base to get in the base. Sometime in early Autumn of 2012, an underground passage to enter the base was added, and the background and other details of the map were changed as well. It became approved around this same time and its popularity exploded.


This map contains several unique weapons, and the weapons in the map fill every slot. There are no grenades or team weapons in the map, but the majority of guns in the campaign can be found.

Tips & Trivia



  • Whoever controls the main base (at the right), controls the whole map.
  • The map used to look completely different.
  • Spraying with a rifle in the basement will get you a lot of spawn kills. (And get you hated, probably.)
  • There is a Hound Walker Cannon on top of the base. It is not known why the maker put it up there, but it is probably just for decoration.
  • Weapons with good penetration are very useful there, along with camping tactic.

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