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Assault Rifle C-01r
Basic Info
Type Automatic
Manufactured By Unknown
Damage Medium
Fire Rate Superfast
Accuracy Low
Price $1300
Slot 2

The Assault Rifle C-01r is a basic, automatic assault rifle weapon with an impressive rate of fire but poor accuracy and damage. This was an old gun from the previous game, and is one of the few guns to have survived the first game, reappearing Plazma Burst 2. The Assault Rifle C-01r is one of three assault rifles/rifles in the game, the others being the Alien Rifle, and the Assault Rifle CS-RC.

The Assault Rifle C-01r is one of the Marine's first weapons, used from the beginning of Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past onword.  In Forward to the Past, it was an incredibly common weapon among the human soldiers and Falkoks and can be acquired on Level 2 of PB:FttP, being used by the first soldier spotted, and in PB2, the Marine has it as a default starting weapon, along with the Pistol C-01p and Shotgun C-01s.

The Assault Rifle C-01r features a cosmetic laser sight on its front side, underneath the barrel. Unlike that of the Sniper Rifle CS-YippeeKiYay, this sight is only ornamental, and it does not have any tactical use. This weapon has an oval-shaped front that arches forward to the barrel. There is also a smaller section similar in shape on the lower side of the gun. The Assault Rifle C-01r shrinks in height toward the back end. The stock and receiver area form a rectangle that is notably different in size from the rest of the weapon; the stock is a small white bar with a larger end, and the trigger and trigger guard are realistic in appearance. There is a small x on the grip.
Red assault rifle

Red Assault Rifle C-01r.

Although this weapon does not have an incredibly high damage or accuracy, it does have an incredibly high fire rate, and can be upgraded to improve its shortcomings. When upgraded to level 3, it becomes one of the most accurate fully-automatic weapons in the game, overcoming even that of a fully upgraded CS-RC. It also possesses good accuracy in small bursts, but spreads out when fired continuously for longer periods of time.

The Assault Rifle C-01r may also be the most iconic weapon of the entire series. It is featured on the loading screen of the first game and second game, and makes an appearance in the trailer/intro video for Plazma Burst 2, being carried by the Marine. In both the old and new loading screens of the second game, the Marine has it in his hands. The C-01r is also the default weapon for a gun entity in the old level editor, and the first choice on the weapon entity scroll-down parameter in the Advanced Level Editor.


The Assault Rifle C-01r is the default rifle for the Marine, meaning this is a starting gun. It is not a very common gun, and it can only be seen in level 40 of the campaign being used by Civil Security Bosses and Falkoks. Only the Marine regularly carries this weapon in the Campaign. It can be purchased from the shop for $1300 credits and upgraded for $200 credits. The full upgrade price is $1900 credits, making it the cheapest overall rifle.


Screenshot 266

The Assault Rifle C-01r in the Equipment Shop

  • The Assault Rifle C-01r has a faster fire rate than the Assault Rifle CS-RC, its Civil Security counterpart.
  • The Map Editor's code for the Assault Rifle C-01r is: gun_rifle and gun_rifle_b for the red version.
  • This is the default weapon in the old Map Editor and the Advanced Level Editor when making a gun.
  • This is the Marine's signature weapon, along with the Pistol C-01p, and the Shotgun C-01s.
  • In Saw/Escape Maps, it is commonly used to see invisible walls by shooting at where you think the wall is. The shots stop if there is an invisible wall.
  • The rifle is the picture in the loading screen in PB:FttP.
  • The "r" at the end of its name likely stands for rifle.
  • The C-01r actually has a very high initial accuracy, but the large amount of bloom means that it has poor accuracy after just a few rounds. Skilled players can fire in bursts and fight at long range.
  • It is also used by the Falkoks in Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past (an example for this is level 16) and Plazma Burst 2, which can be found in Level 40.
  • The design is somewhat similar to the assault rifle from the Halo series.
    Screenshot 332
  • Its projectile power is one of the lowest in the game. As a result, it cannot reflect off of walls, and is the only bullet class weapon that is unable to do so. It also has the lowest penetration power of any bullet class weapon in the game, an unimpressive two blocks, even when fully-upgraded.
  • It is also known as the sanvich gun.

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