Big base

A god player in a base map

A base map is a type of non-approvable Multiplayer map. In this map, there is a barricade restricting players from entering a structure. Only immortal players will typically be allowed to enter these structures. The key component of a base map is the denial of entry to users with normal health. The Base is a map, similar to a gunshop, except Immortals/Leaders will decide whether players will enter, be imprisoned, or killed on the spot.

The bases usually take up most of the map space, and contain features that are generally not found outside of the base. Guns are usually kept inside of the base, away from the majority of the players' access. Some bases may include acid or lasers to protect the access of weaponry. Base maps have been built for clans, though this is unenforceable since it is not possible to restrict and allow entry to certain players based off of clan tags. (Based on vars triggers)

Structures found in bases


A base gunshop

  • Gunshop
  • Bar
  • Jail
  • Cafe
  • Bedroom
  • Cloner
  • Cinema
  • Arena
  • Bank
  • Hotels
  • Restroom/toilet
  • Death Chamber
  • Barracks
  • Acid pitfalls
  • Pool


Some maps, such as the errr_arrr-swampbase and ph3x-base have glaring structural and/or barrier faults, which allow simple access inside. This also has lead to an increasing amount of abusive, (occasionaly) insane, and sometimes descriminatory gods to massacre everyone in sight. It also allows mortal players to easily get guns and kill other players. This is an easy way to ruin a base map game.

Example Base maps

Base ID Base type


Desert base
aronep-base Army base
errr_arrr-swampbase Swamp base
fnarfnar-base Underground base
johoncooper-sbase Underground base
juanpas-military Military base
masterchambe-base Secret base
aronep-base Regular base
ph3x-base Military base
finn450-base Military/Normal base
mlg cool dominik-base Normal base
725dan-skybase Sky base

Note:mlg cool dominik's base has a secret gunshop

this note was from dominik