Infinite is a singleplayer map series that Metta,skunk1016,and Lightning Wolf are making.

About Infinite

You are a civil security solider named Kyle,you have slept for 10 months and you are trying to find another ship.The planet you landed on has Usurpers trying to capture it and a team that has keyes and passwords to the planet and what it holds.I,TUCKER002 am only a beta tester so I will be at the end of th credits when the last level comes out.The first level ID is skunk1016-skunk1.

Types of soliders

Us beta testers and idea directors were tlaking about using characters of PB2 for different reasons.Skunk1016(Garrett Hipp) and Metta(Vinnie Miller) were talking about using the Civil Boss as a jumpjet solider,don't know how that will work,but when levels are in beta I will inform on the Info section.

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