Plazma Burst 2 multiplayer is a mode where players just try to have fun and have a nice competition. However, there are some people out there who just wants to ruin it for everyone, which concerns some people on whether or not something will happen to patch up that one glitch some guy was doing.

Body Breaking

Almost in every match a player enters, someone likes to body break another player. This makes players enraged and even misuse the Kick feature. Body breaking ruins COOP maps and can be solved by leaving and making a game with the same map, or just voting to kick the body breaker out.


Whether some people are OK with it or not, camping is a major issue online. Players search endlessly for someone who could be right above them, and makes people impatient, especially those who can't be revived and wants to respawn. Also, some campers have a habit of shooting through thick covers with weapons only accessible to one character or team, which angers other players, leading to arguements. To stop this, add a map with no camp spots. This way, people can fight openly on DM maps and won't abuse the spots put in the map for reasons.

Also, in some gunshop maps, violent gods are some of the biggest reasons that people barely go into gunshops. They misuse their high HP and use it to their advantage and kill weak enemies, with the fact that they can't die. Some people use the Kick feature for that, or they make a new game, with the same map, and be nice gods. Either way, people don't like that. Options for us players include kicking the violent one(s) or making a new lobby/game with the same map and be nice gods.

  • If anyone has any other multiplayer concern, feel free to add here.

Original Page by: The Unofficial (Do not erase, people should know who made the page so credit is rightfully given) 

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