• ITROLL117I


    August 8, 2017 by ITROLL117I
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  • ITROLL117I


    August 8, 2017 by ITROLL117I



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  • S37391
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  • Martiloco23


    June 5, 2017 by Martiloco23

    Guys ¿what you think grubs are?

    1. Androids/Robots
    2. Alien warriors
    3. Cyborgs
    4. Modificated/Mutated humans

    so answer!

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  • Domicrni

    Some map IDs

    April 20, 2017 by Domicrni

    mlg cool dominik-base         MULTIPLAYER-not recommended for single player

    mlg cool dominik-drive         SINGLEPLAYER ONLY-does not work for multiplayer however ill make one for multiplayer

    mlg cool dominik-zombies   OLD MAP-this is a old map and it may contain some mistakes however i fixed some things

    mlg cool dominik-railwar

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  • Podayto

    Multiplayer Maps

    April 13, 2017 by Podayto

    I'm just some guy trying to get his maps noticed so here are some of my multiplayer map ids.







    androooo-roleplay (not actually a roleplay, still in development!)

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  • Podayto

    I've decided to start a Plazma Burst 2 Custom map series called "HyperSonic" where you play as a Phoenix Falkok.

    You, (a Phoenix Falkok) were living in a mars base happily, but one day 4 streams of light came from Earth destroying your home. Everyone other than you and your friend died. You later realize that the 4 streams of light were shot from "Alpha Six Blasters", and you find out that there is an experiment going on to stop the Falkok Race. Its name is... "Project HyperSonic". It has something to do with loud sounds that are strong enough to kill only Falkoks, but nothing else. So you and your friend set off in two Falkonian Ships only to be shot down at some sort of base... Or is it a base?

    It may be a stupid story for you but...


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  • Podayto

    Blogpost 1

    March 29, 2017 by Podayto


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  • Domicrni

    hi plazma burst 2 admins and wikia members today i want plazma burst 2 to meet Roblox.

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  • RulerOfEverything

    Hi.  I'm not quite sure whaere i'm going with this.  Feel free to make suggestions in the comments.

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  • Mozg555

    'Bout my my NEW map

    November 23, 2016 by Mozg555

    Hi Dudes, it's me, Mozg555. 

    Today, ill tell u what i will include in my new map, TERMINATOR RUN! 

    Terminator run is a map that has some players, (usually CS) and one terminator. (unkillable player) They players has to escape from terminator.

    My map is going to be based on my friends map, razeer-run

    I will include: Saw Elements like Elevevators,

    Weapons to Slow down terminator


    Have any tips/ideas? Feel free to share them with me in comments. 

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  • Tehswordninja

    Because of the lack of activity we've decided to allow anyone to edit again. Hopefully it'll stay this way.

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  • Tehswordninja

    Recent Events

    April 26, 2016 by Tehswordninja

    No clue if everyone will see this but I'm just gonna hope that happens.

    So in light of recent events, I think it is a good time to make the wiki user editable only. This way, people like Gygerthrall can't just use a 'guest' account and just edit easily, and then switch IPs. This won't stop everything, the only way to do that would be to protect every page, but it should help out. Users who don't have accounts and edit here often, or just want an account, go ahead, make one! It will help out the wiki a lot.

    Thanks, tehswordninja

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  • Epepin

    “Time” Series

    April 26, 2016 by Epepin

    Srsly? I abandoned it.

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  • Gigantskajacherepaha.about

    What is your favorite character? Comment!

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  • Gigantskajacherepaha.about

    What is your favorite gun in PB2? Well mine is minigun. What's your? Comment!

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  • Xo3En


    January 30, 2016 by Xo3En

    This is pre-release

    Pre_5 - Weapon Table and Monsters is added.

    Pre_4 - February 5th. Sky will be changed, world will be bigger.

    Pre_3 - February 9th. New monsters will be added.

    Pre_2 - February 12th. Sound effects will be added.

    Pre_1 - February 15th. AI Ally will be added.

    Pre-release - February 19th. Furniture in house will be added.

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  • Mancrew5

    The purpose of the tutorial is to provide new players with an idea of how to play the game in the simplest way possible. Since the game doesn't come with a tutorial, I have decided to make one. It will cover features such as movement, combat, etc. It is currently unfinished and unpublished, so no levels are available yet.

    Part 1 covers very basic movement, such as moving left and right, jumping, crouching, and wall-jumping. It is the smallest/easiest level of the series. At the start, you can see the Supervisor that will be guiding you through the tutorial.

    Part 2 covers the basic weaponry of the 3 factions: The Protagonist, Civil Security, and the Usurpation Forces. The player will need to kill at least one test dummy in each stage to conti…

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  • CodecX


    January 23, 2016 by CodecX

    Zombie Escape will be continued by ME (Leeron).

    Zayne, Ian, Cassandra, Tom and Kirro will be main protagonists. They are Xenium Team. 

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  • CodecX

    Zombie Escape Series

    January 23, 2016 by CodecX


    Here is spoilers, read at your own risk!


    Leo is deceased protagonist in ZE.

    Leo was civilian. But Zombie Virus arrived. Some friends become zombie, other become Black Ops or CS. Then he locked in house by Alex.

    Leo escaped, he found gun and he fight his friends. He kill them and he found Marius, they are going. But Leo is trapped. Then Sera found him and she put him into capsule.

    He died, but here is theory that he is alive.

    Marius is deceased deuteragonist in ZE.

    Marius was civilian. But Zombie Virus arrived. Some friends become zombie, other become Black Ops or CS. Then he locked in Black Ops base. (Here is possible theory, dead civilian in The Beginning have unknown relation to Marius)

    He is saved by Leo. Then he avoid trap. He does…

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  • FireAway

    Impossible Mode

    January 4, 2016 by FireAway

    I've found impossible mode kind of hard, but I've found a few ways to help noobs and vets alike pass impossible levels.

    1. Some weapons are found on impossible mode only (ex: Sniper Rifle YippeKiYay). They are very useful once they're obtained.

    2. Time warp will help you dodge, mirror, and aim easier (make sure you take breaks in no-man's land to regenerate energy).

    3. Ray guns are rarely seen, which means almost every bullet can be mirrored.

    4. I reccomend lite suit for Easy and Medium difficulties, but use Heavy for Hard and Impossible (Speed isn't really needed unless you're rushing through, in which case switch back to lite).

    5. Use Rocket Launcher to take out Android SLC's and Assault Rifles for Android T's.

    6. If you don't see any enemies,…

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  • Plasmium

    P90 Like Gun Artwork

    September 23, 2015 by Plasmium

    Currently working on a gun which looks a bit like the P90. 

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  • Tehswordninja

    I think Drones could be made by some Earth security company and are just used by the Civils; this would explain their guns, and how the CS use them for defence/security. This would also explain why they do not have CS in their name.

    I think Corvettes are also made by a different company, maybe the same company that makes drones. These drones are clearly meant to guard highly important areas, such as a time portal. I think the Corvettes were hacked by the Usurpations, which explains the three destroyers in level 41. I think the reason why the cs bosses are in level 40 is to attack the corvettes to get the time portal back. 

    The Androids are also made by some company (damn this repeats a lot), and that the Cs also uses them(at least the SLCs, …

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  • Noune Ceroka

    Auto Biography

    August 19, 2015 by Noune Ceroka


    I started PB2 on August 2014... the first match I went to was a Excel-Prison map... the god was name Black Wolf... ne was a good and friendly guy... he taught me the basics of PB2 and how life was there... in Septmber 2014 I joined a clan called GCS... or Galactic Civil Security... at the match was the leader of GCS General Master... and his friend Guest Electric Fish... which I later joined his clan Justice of Guests or JOG... in October I decided to... after many visits with other clan recruitment matches and viewings (In one of those i found a man named Dexter who i would soon learn was the Infamous Blackbird) ... to make my own clan... something simple... The American Safe Keepers(TASK) didn't sound right... and after a month…

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  • Sky678

    First blog

    June 22, 2015 by Sky678
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  • JDC55

    My Channel

    April 28, 2015 by JDC55

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  • JDC55

    Im Banned for this?

    April 28, 2015 by JDC55

    Suck ass to a staff...Im so mad. They said I linked porn websites? How do you link porn websites in PB2? There hiring the wrong people to be staff.   :/


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  • Takanuva15


    April 20, 2015 by Takanuva15

    I moved the info from here to my "Profile", where it was more relevant. Comment threads about the stuff in my profile can continue here...

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  • Diablo- PC

    Plazma burst 2

    April 18, 2015 by Diablo- PC

    This is the blog post of mine, Pals. If you want to know what is my favs, what is my hobby in pb2 and pb ftp and what i like. All these things are below: Note: Read this thing if you want. ;) 

    I like playing pb2 campaign more than the Multiplayer. Why? because in multiplayer.... hu.... As the name goes in multiplayer multiple peoples insult you. So i enjoy campaign more than the multiplayer. However i like pb: fttp more than the pb2 campaign it has good guns and bright players, And more characters! 

    Uh... As you see the favs other than these 2 games are watching Naruto Shippuden episodes. While the main event, fourth shinobi world war is about to start and i am going to see the episodes, They show some of the idiotic episodes, However one wa…

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  • WilliamNoto

    when i go to luki01-arena map page, the map page is.... well just like that picture is this glitch or not?

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  • Generalmaster


    March 30, 2015 by Generalmaster

    Greetings, if you don't like clans don't read the articles below:

    I own a clan codenamed [GCS]. It stands for Galactic Civil Security. Here are the requirements:

    • Have a KD of at least 1.2
    • Be a good person

    And thats about all..  

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  • WilliamNoto

    i hate thiz one, the max player should be 8 but its shows max players is 0 plz help?

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  • Argon7

    Gun templates

    February 21, 2015 by Argon7

    I would like to update the weapons template to include actual numerical stats. This will include editing the template source and filling in each article's infobox with new relevant content. This would be extremely convenient as the weapon stats are a popular source on this wiki and having them in each gun infobox would make for easier access and give the articles more authenticity.

    This information should be taken from the Weapon statistics (multiplayer) page unless noted otherwise or unless the weapon is not included in that list, in which case available information can be taken from the other weapon statistics page. If information is unavailable we can just leave a -/uknown/NaN. Single player stats can be ignored in the template for the purp…

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  • WilliamNoto

    Glitch Friends List

    February 16, 2015 by WilliamNoto

    PLease Help also my data is freakin lost.

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  • Mr.Gibbys

    My therioy on plasma burst.

    February 14, 2015 by Mr.Gibbys

    The are MY THOUGHTS on how things happened.

    So basically there were first two types of aliens. Grubs and faloks. The Grubs were very known for there mining,and energy source.Faloks were very dinfferent, they built ships and were a huge military power. These are the people who made the first assault rifle.

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  • Raze Man


    December 13, 2014 by Raze Man

    i have good day today but sometimes bad becuse no one likes me :(

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  • Delta501st

    Custom Map Ratings

    November 26, 2014 by Delta501st

    Hello Everyone.

    I was just wondering how everyone rates custom maps. Does it differ from multiplayer maps and singleplayer maps? Do you have your own sort of categories that you check over? Do you always rate 5? Another way of rating?

    I rate maps by categories and how well the map meets/exceeds those. The following are those categories:

    Does it work? - If no, then I don't rate it.

    Design - I start off with the actual design of the map. This includes the layout of the walls, doors, enemies, does it look cool, etc.

    Difficulty - Now this is a hard one because some maps are made to be more difficult then others.

    Originality - Does this map have something that others don't? Or is it a direct copy of another map?

    Performance - Does it play smoothly or at 5…

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  • SkywardLOL


    October 22, 2014 by SkywardLOL

    The laggers can only be find on multiplayer the laggers has a ping overdose of 110-4000

    This is the connection problem that cause u a lagger:

    1. connection problem ping:100-4000

    The lagger aproach his lag to win ventage on the ranked matches. Sorry for making this example of lagger: Guest

    tip: u must have passed all campaign, be promoted and one of the best PB2 developers to be a legend

    U can share more inf. with us

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  • ThetrueGreyPhantom

    In order to join this clan founded by GreyPhantom(me) you must follow these:

    1. Send me a friend request in Plazma Burst 2.

    2. Insert {Civil Security Forces *} into your nickname.

    3. You can choose your ranks,but only players that are chosen by me may choose the Civil Security Boss.

    Clan facts:Our main enemy is the Usurpation Forces Clan founded by Dafuur-Isthill-Moorlak {Usurpation Forces Leader} .:mancrew5:.,my friend.And also the Boz(Biohazard) clan.


    1. Civil Security Light

    2. Civil Security Heavy

    3. Civil Security Ghost

    4.Civil Security Boss:Special rank given to users of my choice.

    NOTE:Sometimes I wear a Civil Security Ghost Armor and sometimes a Civil Security Boss armor and in both of them I am still the leader.But the Civil Secu…

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  • NismoUbergamingNSR

    I found those in the files.

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  • NismoUbergamingNSR

    Modding is indeed possible, yet not allowed. What a shame.

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  • NismoUbergamingNSR

    TDM Skins

    July 22, 2014 by NismoUbergamingNSR

    I am going to collect pictures of all the TDM Skins including non-TDM skins. Those skins are stable and could be only a color template switch or beta skins. End of blog.

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  • DragoniZ

    What the..?

    May 15, 2014 by DragoniZ

    Okay, so I was just about to register a new alternate account just for the fun of it, after finally getting an unused name, I logged in. It then showed that I was banned forever for threats to hack. I have no idea what the heck happened. I never violated any rules, never tried to hack or anything like that. Has anyone ever experienced a problem like this and know what to do about it? 

    If you're gonna tell me to message Eric, can you tell me his gmail address? (I forgot... -.-)

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  • Shadowstorm133

    So, me and DoomWrath are creating a help guide for pb2 say below if you want help.

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  • Warlord33

    Have you ever wondered if there is more story behind the factions/characters/enemies than it says on here? Well tell me about it! Here is what I think:

    Civil Security: They are the Survivors of the Earth and are protecting any other human life left alive. They tried to create Androids to aid them in their objectives, But they malfunctioned or something and they started attacking them.

    Androids: Explained above

    Usurpation: They attacked the Humans and took over some of their bases. They fought and fought wiht the Civilian Security forces and you came while it was partially dormant.

    What are your thoughts?

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  • Mancrew5

    Usurpation Conquest

    April 20, 2014 by Mancrew5

    I am currently working on a singleplayer series called Usurpation Conquest. It is similar to the famous "Correction Nine theory" custom maps, but this one is about how the Usurpation Forces met humanity in the first place. My series puts an elaborate story on how this happened.

         The main character of the series is Dafuur-Isthill-Moorlak, younger brother of Argon-Isthill-Maheen, and next in line for the leadership of the Usurpation Forces and for leading The Great Journey. His race is at war with another equally advanced race called Falkonians. It is because of them that his family was taken away from him and his older brother. They have stuck together since then, but now, they have taken away the last of what held his sanity together. A…

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  • Shadowstorm133


    March 15, 2014 by Shadowstorm133

    Sometimes I like to run people over in a jeep.

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    January 20, 2014 by KLMJETWORK

    Please visit my 3D Warehouse profile(YOU WILL NEED SKETCHUP INSTALLED) YAY (Link) -NOT FROM ZELDA-.

    D Thanks
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  • Zoran Mitich

    Possible Story

    January 11, 2014 by Zoran Mitich


    • 2976

    Earth was a peaceful place, where war became a thing of the past. Life was so beautiful until arrival of the Usurpation Forces came. No one knows where they came from. Maybe they were running from an enemy force, or maybe they were looking for resources found only on Earth. Either way, they came to Earth. Guided by the son of Alkur himself, Dafuur-Isthill-Moorlak, the newcomers wiped out  almost every army of the Human race leaving a few to surrender or leave Earth. That moment people became servants and beasts became masters...


    • 2991

    Some servants were too strong-willed to give up on freedom, so the rebellion was born. Hiding under ground, this faction was unknown until their first attack on the enemy...


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  • Costantino halkioti

    i wonder how to publish your map and add it in custom maps list.

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