Civil Security Lites (Allies) are about to shoot enemies.

These Civil Security Lites serve as minor allies to the Marine in the Plazma Burst 2 Campaign. They are found in Level 6 inside of a small prison area in a Civil Security base that the Marine happens to be fighting in. The small prison also contains three Usurpation Soldiers, and is presumably a prisoner of war camp operated by the Civil Security.


When the player presses the use button, they become allies and fight with the Marine against the Civil Security. It is unknown why these soldiers were put in prison and took up arms against their own faction. Some possibilities include the allies being traitors or committing treason against the Civil Security. It is possible that these soldiers were locked up on only minor charges, but were eager to get revenge on their captors.



The glitch.

  • They are the first allies you meet in the game.
  • Even though they are Civil Security soldiers, they can't use the Grenade Launchers.
  • They are the only Civil Security troops that have a Health module on normal or easy difficulty.
  • You can't press TAB to play the role of them.
  • They can easily be killed.
  • If you kill them via the Ray Gun, a Sniper Rifle or any other guns which can shoot through thin walls and break a part of their bodies and then press the button to release them, that broken part will grow back and change rapidly.
  • The Usurpation Soldiers imprisoned in the adjacent cells to the Lites will not be your allies, so it is not wise to set them free if you wish to let them live. However you can use them as distractions on Hard/Impossible difficulty.