Clan wars are created when two or more clans decide to fight each other. When clans start a clan war, they will start fighting each other through fighting at approved matches or raiding bases. The clan will keep fighting until the enemy clan surrenders, die of inactivity or goes dead. Mainly the war is started by talking on the chat and/or posting on the clan page about the war.

Sometimes clan wars have a few clan teaming up to defeat one or more clans together. Which makes the clan easier to manage their defense and defeat the other clans. But however this wont be so effective as some clans betray and go to the enemy team, resulting in the other clan to suffer heavy losses most of the time.

Clan wars are mainly fought just for fame. Sometimes it is because of clan issues and leaders of the clan hating each other. Winning/Losing a clan war will add it into the clan's war record. Most of the time, few people are selected to fight in a clan war, but the enemy clan can still approach and fight the ones who are not selected. It is normally the higher rankings in the clan which will fight for the clan war.


There are rules for clan wars, some created by PB2 staff and some created and approved by the clans themselves.

  • Nuking (messing up) the enemy clan site is not allowed.
  • Hacking the enemy clan site is not allowed.
  • DDoSing the enemy clan site is not allowed.
  • No faking of winnings is allowed.
  • When a clan loses, it MUST NOT be put down as tied/win in their war record.
  • There must be screenshot proof if you want to claim a win.
  • Faking that you nuked a clan site is not allowed.
  • Faking that you hacked a clan site is not allowed.
  • Faking that you DDoSed a clan site is not allowed.
  • To surrender to a clan, you must post a surrender message at the clan site.


Target the weak ones in the enemy clan first, not by rank but by the skills of the player. You can take a bet/risk through a clan war match, by requesting if you win, the other clan has to surrender and vice versa.

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