A player's clan tag and name. The clan's actual name is abbreviated.

A clan is an agreement between multiple Plazma Burst 2 users, and is a group of united players. Plazma Burst 2 is supposed to feature a makeshift clan system, though this feature is not yet available and may not ever be available. Despite this setback, players have gone ahead and established their own clans, usually making their own web page where they can gather and chat.

Generally, most clans will have an acronym for their full name, especially in clan tags. (An example would be Plazma Burst Wikia being shortened to PBW.) Clan tags are generally displayed in brackets. Some clans have their own system of ranks, while others have multiple groups, divisions and squadrons within the main clan. Many clans have requirements for their members, such as a decent Kill/Death Ratio or a certain amount of Player Points. Clans commonly make alliances and/or enemies.

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