A defense map

A defense map is a type of single-player/multiplayer map in which either a team of allies or a single player fights against a usually never-ending wave of cloned enemies. Some of them are similar to 7 vs 1 maps in that the players get an ordered number of guns. Usually, the clones are typically aliens or robots, or even zombies, but the character model can be anything.

The main aspect of gameplay in a defense maps is the normally infinite waves of spawning non-player characters. In multiplayer, AI enemies are used. This can be done by creating a template slot for an extra player (however many above the specified maximum amount of players in the map) and filling it with an enemy character. The enemy character can then be cloned an infinite number of times and spawned at a specified interval. Some maps have different waves, with enemies getting harder or having different guns. These maps are usually single player however.

Some defense map IDs

  • alien security heavy-defence
  • xfrostbytex-zombies
  • kev9001-cpu2
  • silverteen11-zombies5
  • acidguy2-zombies
  • excl-nazi_zombies2
  • jd jonh dory-sp_zombies
  • jeff the hacker-physical_test

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