Dm0 is a medium sized map, primarliy designed for heated Deathmatch competitions, but can also support Cooperative and Team Deathmatch modes.




This map contains 8 teleports, four of them used to move up and down in the map. The remaining two are used in the lower level of the map. The other two are located in the upper level, however, you can only enter one, and exit the other. This map also contains two acid pits, laser traps, and a water pool.






Heavy Weapons


Civil Security

Usurpation Forces


Grenade Tactic in DM0

Grenade Launcher in action

  • Using a Grenade Launcher is an efficient method to get rid of camping players.
  • It's recommended to use the Shotgun C-01s in this map, as it reduces the enemies' HP significantly, and has good range.
  • The Plasmagun CS-Bloom is recommended for all around combat. It also works well underwater.
  • Beware those who camp near teleporters.


  • This map has a several, similar versions of it, like dm1, or dm0 defence.
  • This is the only map that has no stated creator in its ID, even though it was made by Eric Gurt.
  • In multiplayer, dm0 used to be the default ID when making a game on a server. Now, if you don't enter anything into the ID area it will send you to a random approved map.

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