A Drone is a small aircraft vehicle and a minor enemy in Plazma Burst 2, used by the Civil Security. They appear in a few levels, usually at the beginning or the mid-campaign. Drones have low health, and so they can be quickly disposed of.

Drones use two distinct types of weapons; the Vehicle Minigun, and the Vehicle Grenade Launcher. In Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past, a different type of drone attacks the Marine and Noir Lime as they drive to a Falkok base in a Jeep.
On top of Drone

Player standing on a Drone.


  • Because most Drones in the campaign have very low health, they can easily be destroyed.
  • The Drones that appear in the first level fight the Usurpation Soldiers in the pit. The Drones in Level 13 also fight Usurpations as well. The Drone that appears in the fourth level fights the Civil Security.
  • This could mean that the Drone in level 4 was hacked or taken over by the Usurpation Forces, although this is unknown.
  • The Civil Security's Mobile rO81-CS has the same weapon as some Drones have.
  • This is the first ever vehicle you fight in Plazma Burst 2.
  • You can go easily on top of a Drone, and use Swords to kill it. However, when it explodes, you could be killed.
  • Drones are meant to be unmanned, but due to the PB2 game engine they must have a "driver."
  • A Drone can be destroyed in a few seconds by a Drone Gun CS-Virus because it kills the controller operating the Drone.
  • Drones do not eject their driver, they blow up and kill the "driver" instead. The same applies to Corvettes as well.


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