The "Beta" Drone Controller.

The Drone Controller is an abnormal and only partially visible character in Plazma Burst 2. It is an underdeveloped skin, with only visible parts being swords (which are red) and a portion of its torso. The Drone Controller is designed to be placed in Drones and Corvettes as a "controller" which wouldn't take too much rendering time.

If this character is not controlling a vehicle, and is placed as normal characters are, then it will behave normally.


  • If another character is placed in a Drone or Corvette rather than this character, it will make the alert and death sounds that character makes. Hence, the Drone Controller has neither of those sound effects associated with it, so this issue will not apply.
  • The Drone Controller has the same sound effects as the other Android characters, though they do not have alert or death sounds (mostly for their role as controlling Drones and Corvettes).
  • There exists what appears to be an older version of the Drone Controller (see image on the right). To use this skin via the Advanced Level Editor, make a trigger to change a character's skin. Instead of editing with the Parameter List, instead edit the trigger as text. Replace the code underneath of the "uid" text with the following; SetCharSkin( "0", "10" ); (Note; the "0" is referring to the player character). Note that if you change back into the "Edit triggers as param list" option, there will be an error in the list. Aside from the different "skin", there are other noticeable differences between the beta Drone Controller and the newer one.
    • It has no programmed name or "skin stats"; it will take the name and stats of the character's original skin. For example, if you turn an Android SLC-56 into a Beta Drone Controller, the Beta Drone Controller will inherit its name and its incredible movement speed.
    • The Beta Drone Controller bleeds red blood instead of emitting sparks.
    • The Beta Drone Controller uses the standard Usurpation Soldiers' sound effects. This includes sight and death sound effects.
    • The Beta Drone Controller has different PSI blades; it uses the Android SLC-56's PSI blades instead of the Android T-01187's arm blades.