The Elite Grub first appears in Level 5 of Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past. Elite Grubs are android like enemies similar to the Grubs. They are a more advanced, well armored and more powerful enemy than the Grub. These enemies can be seen throughout the middle levels of the campaign in Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past. They only have Arm Cannons, which have multiple variants.

These Grubs are completely silver and gray other than some spots of blue along with their red visor. They have a silver mouth guard with some slots for speaking although what they actually say is unknown. They have a similar backpack, like the original Grub, but it has blue lights instead of red and no antenna. They seem to be more robotic than their lesser counterparts.

In early parts of the game, they use a single projectile firing weapon much like the Grub although the Elite Grub fires it in quicker succession. There is a second type of Elite Grub. The blue parts of its armor are instead red, and their visor changes to yellow. Their health increases and their Arm Cannons also change to Ray Rifle type and later Rocket Launcher type.


  • Elite Grubs seem to be meant for fighting, unlike their weaker counterparts.
  • The Elite Grub doesn't have a skin in Plazma Burst 2, unlike the normal Grub.
  • Just like normal Grubs, they will attack Human Soldiers if they see the Marine at the same time, likely due to poor programming, theoretically being allies with the Falkoks or some other reason.


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