Level 12 for Multiplayer is a large multiplayer map designed by Eric Gurt. As the name suggests, this map is based off of Level 12 of the Plazma Burst 2 Campaign. This map can be played in all game modes, but it is generally a Co-op match. Level 12 for Multiplayer pits the heroes, Marine, Noir Lime and Proxy) up against the Civil Security.

Changes (from campaign level)



  • Almost all of the anti-gravitators are disabled.
  • There is a CS-BNG locker, located at the middle of the map.
  • There is a laser system, near the heroes spawn.
  • The general block arrangement of the level has been tweeked, allowing for more movement, cover, and open spaces.






Heavy Weapons




Civil Security


For Delta

  • As Delta Team, you have access to defibrillators. Use them wisely, and don't let them fall into enemy hands. Otherwise, use it to heal downed teammates, or if you're dying.
  • Never go through the laser field, that will kill you by splitting you in half.
  • As the heroes, you have several unique weapons at your disposal. Use them carefully and properly. Try not to lose them to the enemy team.

For Civil Security

  • Once you have a full team, numbers are at your side. Know the map! Use teamwork to route out and kill enemies.
  • All of you have the same weapons, weather you're a boss or a lite. Don't forget to get the CS-BNG! Do not let it fall to the other team.
  • Use tactics! Trick delta team into going to get the CS-BNG, and fire on them as they attempt to get the BNG.
  • Ambush! The Civil Security team should try and ambush delta team from the top parts of the map.
  • Retreat! As the Civil Security has no Defibrillator's, remember to fall back if you are at critical health.
  • Steal! If delta is missing some team members, take their weapons. Delta team has more effective weapons.


  • Only team Delta has Defibrillators at the start.
  • The first 3 players in Cooperative will all join on the same team, and the additional 5 will be on the other team.