Fake water

Fake objects don't affect physics.

A fake object is an Advanced Level Editor exploit used for decoration and atmosphere in custom maps. As the name suggests, it has the appearance of an object without the actual physical characters, i.e. fake water cannot be swam through, nor does it feature a splash/bubble effect.

Everything created via dragging a rectangle can be faked. This includes water, walls, doors etc. All fake objects are non-interactive, with a few exceptions, but maintain the same appearance as their real counterparts.

How to make fake objects

Negative dimensions

The result.

1. Select any layer except what do you need.

To do this, look at the bottom of the left panel and select something that doesn't include your target object's type. Nothing is usually the most convenient.

2. Select a tool corresponding to what do you want to make.

3. After the tool is selected, drag up and to the left from the lower right corner, to achieve negative dimensions.

Negative dimensions is what gives an object its 'fake' state.


  • This will also work even if only one of the digits is negative, both of the digits do not need to be negative to work.
  • Fake doors can only be moved to fake regions.


  • It isn't known if fake objects are a bug, or if Eric Gurt made it as an easter egg/secret, or just a tool.
  • PixelVoxel's map, Fog of War (ID: pixelvoxel-fogofwar) is an good example of fake water use. The players' spawn zones in Cooperative have a layer of either blue or red fake water, depending on the team color.
  • Fake objects can mess with spawns in Multiplayer. Players will tend to not spawn in the fake objects' areas.
  • In Level Editor, fake objects may show up incorrectly when they are near to the edge of your screen.
  • Fake doors' and walls' edges can mess with characters' hitboxes and grenades.
  • Do not abuse it, as it may cause some confusion between players.

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