A Ghost trying to hide.

Ghosthide map is a type of typically Cooperative maps in Multiplayer. The key component in these maps consists of a team full of Civil Security Ghosts that are forced to hide from another enemy team, usually Civil Security Lites. There are many ways in which this system is built around a map, but most ghosthide maps contain many areas of cover and hiding spots to allow the Ghosts to keep hidden.

In ghosthide maps, there are two teams. The seekers and the hiders. The seekers seek out the hiders. If you are a seeker, you must kill all Ghosts within a set time period (usually 2-4 minutes), otherwise they get deadly weapons (or another kind of major advantage against you). If you are a Ghost, you must hide 'till you can get weapons.


For Hiders

  • Go as far as possible from seekers.
  • Don't go at the same hide spot if they killed you there before.
  • If a seeker is AFK, try to kill him with defibrillator. But be careful, sometimes they just pretend to be AFK to kill you.
  • Remember they see water splashes and they can see you for a bit of time if you took damage. They can see you if you're dying, too.
  • Stay covered, don't take unnecessary risks.
  • Yes, you are invisible. It is unintelligient about being able to see Ghosts.
  • Fall on the ground (hold X) to hide more. You're more exposed if you stand up... more times.

For Seekers

  • If Ghosts have 200 HP or less, they will go in dying state if you hit them with defib. Remember that you see them when they're dying.
  • Whenever you see or hear water splashes, it means there is a Ghost in the water.
  • Pretend to be AFK so they attack you with defib, which allows the seeker to easily kill the Ghosts.
  • Try to think of places they would hide.

Example Ghosthide Maps

  • argon7-ghosthide
  • excl-ghostdefender
  • luigi1998-ghosthide
  • simtexa-hidden

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