An example of a gunshop.

Gunshop maps are types of god map found in the Plazma Burst 2 Multiplayer. These maps include buildings with guns in them for the players to pick up, usually cordoned off with acid/lasers so that only certain players, gods and/or trusted players can access the weapons. Gunshop maps are not really maps with just a gunshop, but city maps with the gunshop as its primary attraction.

Usually, gunshop maps are run by 1-3 gods, the rest of the players being mortal. In some gunshops, every player is a god. Sometimes, the god declares certain players police officers or guards, the god being the police chief or still a god. Some players have found a way to remove gods from their maps, leaving only mortal players who all have access to the gunshop.


Gunshop maps usually include these areas:

  • An island
  • A hotel
  • A cafe
  • A restaurant
  • A police station
  • A bank
  • A jail
  • A bar
  • An battle arena
  • A beach
  • A theatre
  • A restroom/bathroom
  • A school
  • A safehouse

Example Gunshop maps

  • diamondhero-gunshop
  • firetiger-gunshop
  • kris305-gunshop
  • krow-gunshop
  • max teabag-gunshop2
  • santetoby-gunshop
  • shenko-gunshop
  • sponge123-gunshop
  • xnx-gunshop
  • supakilla777-modgun2