Humans are seen throughout the Plazma Burst saga, in both Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past and Plazma Burst 2. The first protagonist introduced was a human, and the first antagonists introduced were humans as well. All of the main protagonists are humans, and the struggle of the human race is seen as righteous and heroic throughout the Plazma Burst series, through the main heroes. Humans are also the most common enemy in the game, the second being the Grubs in PB:FttP and the Usurpations in PB2.

Below is a full list of human enemies throughout the Plazma Burst series.

Civil Security

  • Civil Security Lite
  • Civil Security Heavy
  • Civil Security Ghost
  • Civil Security Boss

Civil Security are trusted with safeguarding Earth from the Usurpation Forces and distinguished by their appearance and name. The units can be commonly with Pistols, Assault Rifles and Rocket Launchers. The different units are:

Human Soldiers

  • No helmet (Newbie)
  • Yellow helmet (Lowest rank)
  • Green helmet (Medium rank)
  • Red helmet (Highest rank)

The main enemy in Plazma Burst: Forward to the PastHuman Soldiers were generic, basic human units that carried varieties of weapons and had different suits and helmets indicating their rank.

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