Sector (stylized as Sector v2) is an approved custom map by iJer published in July, 2012. It was approved some days later, and became a hit on the multiplayer lobby. It is mainly designed for Deathmatch, but also perform for Team Deathmatch and Cooperative. In March, 2013 it was updated with new platforms and a wider structure.


The map is an uncredited, slightly modified copy of Plazma Burst 2 campaign level 2, with more platforms and rooms glued in. A noticeable distinction for the campaign level is the connecting tunnel that links the upper and lower right sides of the map. It features an elevator, and a laser with a damaging pusher. Two barriers were also added in, consisting of a tall grass hill, and a door at the far-side right of the map.








  • Alien Shotgun is now your best friend, due to the length of the map and the accuracy of the alien shotgun.
  • If you enjoy camping, hide in one of the little bases, and spam your weapon.
  • Walljump is necessary to access certain parts of the map.

V2 Changes

  • Added two more grenades that can be found in parts of the map, in pairs.
  • Water's surface decreases and added a block.
  • Added new terrain to the map.

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