An immortal player or "god".

Immortal Players refers to players that are theoretically invincible, but they are sometimes killable. An immortal player is a player with a very large amount of health that cannot be killed, or is very hard to kill; thus they are called gods or immortals. The health bar, if a player is god, will say Ae+B, where A is the exponent that B is multiplied by. Its health can be taken down to 9999999999hp, but only if the immortal players experiences a high damage from a very powerful laser or a very strong acid. Immortal Players are mostly used in gunshops.

An immortal player's health can also be NaN. A person with 999999999 HP is not considered an immortal player, but is very hard to kill. However, immortal players do take knockback and this can be used to push them off the map or into high-damage acid or lasers to kill them. Immortal Players can also be pinned down or "force-glitched" by rapid fire weapons and/or explosives. Immortal players still die if they fall out of the map.

Killing Immortal Players

Immortal players can die by falling off the edge of the map, saying -kill, coming into contact with high-damage acid/lasers, or getting crushed. Getting crushed would make the player glitch and get stuck inside the wall, killing them; however, if the immortal player has low physics you need a very thick door/elevator to crush him otherwise they will glitch through the door/elevator you were trying to crush him with.

Immortal Players can be kicked out of the game, which happens a lot when the god kills others a lot or is not letting people into a place, e.g gunshop. Immortal players can be killed by other players by knocking him off the map with explosives or just pushing them off. This is not likely to happen however, as most maps have large walls confining the players to the inside of the map. There are some maps with lasers that say 1e+22 damage, and although it will not say the damage, this will kill the god. The same concept can be used with acid, "Infinity" damage also works.


  • If you wanna be immortal in your own map and have NaN HP, your health must be set to "Infinity" and not to "NaN" or you'll get paralyzed.