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  • Level begins
  • Grenade jump success
  • After teleportation
  • Lower section
  • Last enemies

Level 15 is a level in the Plazma Burst 2 Campaign. After defeating the enemies at Level 14, the Marine jumps into the hall and lands in an underground base, here the player meets the harder part. The only enemy in this Level are Major Usurpation Soldiers.


Screenshot 39

Full view of the level

The level begins with the Marine standing in an empty room below a platform with a teleport. He is then prompted to do a grenade jump and fly up and reach the teleport. After doing so, the teleport takes the Marine to a room full of Usurpation Soldiers and blue barrels. All of these soldiers wield Alien Rifles.

Once this section has been cleared, the Marine will drop down into a lower, more open section of the map. A Usurpation Soldier is seen with a Heavy Railgun in a niche in the wall, behind a thin protective wall. This enemy can easily be eliminated with any weapon that has penetration (Excludes Railguns, Explosives, Plasmaguns, etc.). The Marine will find himself above an acid pit, with multiple enemies swarming below.

After these enemies have been neutralized, a wave of Usurpation Soldiers carrying Rocket Launchers will attack the Marine. This is near the end of the level. When the enemies that have decided to attack the player are gone, the player proceeds to the finish where they may find 2-3 soldiers that did not advance.


Usurpation ForcesEdit


Always remember that they are many of them in this level, don't try to charge at them. Think before you do it you could use the falling + camping tactic (see multiplayer tactics). It is also wise to use Time Warp to dodge Rocket Launcher's bullets. Near the end of the level there will be a large group of Usurpations with Rocket Launchers and Alien Rifles. They will quickly overpower the player if he is caught in the open. Camp near the acid pit and wait for these enemies to attack you, weakening their numbers.

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