"Planet of your race was almost completely destroyed, and you will be send with another warrior back to correct the course of events. But it seems that an error in the calculations.... You hit at the right time, but in the wrong place. Now you, your friend and appliances scattered nearby planet. You must find its ally and go to Your planet..." ~ Text during the cutscene before the start of this level

  • The level begins
  • The first soldier on the first level dies
  • Entering the building.
  • Fighting more guards.
  • Ending the level.

Level 1 is the first level in the game Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past, and the first level in the series. All enemies in the first level are Human Soldiers armed with non-upgraded pistols. The first level is notoriously easy, as one shot anywhere on the body will kill (generally) an enemy soldier.


The Marine enters the first level in an illuminated teleport animation. He begins standing on a concrete structure outdoors on an unknown planet, approaching hostiles. A building is spotted up ahead, and the Marine is forced to clear it out to progress to the next level. A motion-activated door opens for the Marine and he ascends down a flight of stairs. The player then must cross an area of small blocks and barrels, avoiding enemy pistol fire, to reach the end of the level drop.


Human Soldiers

  • Every single enemy in this level is a Human Soldier without a helmet, armed with only pistols.


  • All of the enemies in this level are unarmored human soldiers with no helmets. This means that even one C-01p pistol shot can kill them if you aim for the head. With the pistol's generally good accuracy, it usually isn't an issue to get those headshots.
  • Because this is the first level, there are several tutorial hints throughout the level. It is also very easy, since it takes a long time for the enemies to kill you, since they are not very accurate nor do they do much damage. Just watch your head.
  • Because the Marine has the same pistol as the other soldiers, instead of higher tech weapons, it could mean he was teleported from a different area, only finding a pistol before being teleportered.
  • The Marine starts out with an Electroshock and a pistol. The pistol is recommended, but since the enemies here pose so little threat, it's often perfectly fine to speed through the level only using the electroshock.