Level 23 is a singleplayer level in the Plazma Burst 2 Campaign. In Level 23, the Marine fights against Civil Security troops and must navigate a large area via antigravity devices.


  • Fffff-
  • Ambushing the CS troops on the top, and hiding quickly.
  • You may consider pushing your enemies to lower areas instead of killing them.
  • There's a nice camping spot.
  • The Marine is home free! Other than the three Lites with railguns seeking to stop him...
  • Cleaning up the mini-bunker.
  • Done with them.
  • For whatever reason, there's no pusher.

After beating the strange copies of himself in Level 22, the Marine advances to find a large room full of Civil Security Lites. To make matters worse, the room is very tall, but the only way to navigate upward is by way of antigravities on small platforms. The Marine also finds that the Lites have found a way to use the antigravs to get an aiming-advantage against him. After defeating all six Lites in the room, the Marine must use the antigravity devices to advance upward. When he reaches the top of the room, a door opens and the protagonist finally gets out of the giant Civil Security base. Three Lites are waiting for him outside, however. After beating them, he passes by a small underground bunker, housing six Lites. After they are finished, he contiues forward and reaches the Level Clear area. Level Complete.


Level 23 - Full View

A full view of the level.

Civil Security