Level 24 is a single-player Campaign level in Plazma Burst 2. In level 24, the player enters another Citizen Security base and fights against a large group of Civil Security Lites.


  • The later 2 capsules don't break sometimes, and their landing sprites may vary.
  • Like this.
  • And this.
  • Shoot the capsule via anything explosive to release it.

As soon as the level starts, two Life-Capsules drops from the sky behind the Marine, releasing two Civil Security Lites. After killing these enemies, the Marine must go into another base and clear it of Civil Security Lites. The base is small, so after beating all of the soldiers, he exits again via the antigravity pad to get outside again. Once he is out, he discovers two more broken Life Capsules with two Lites. Oddly, there's a chance that only one Lite will be there, despite two broken Capsules. After defeating these Lites, the Marine walks forward, and finds one Lite in a small clearing in the wall. After killing him, the player jumps in the pit, where the level is concluded.


Civil Security


Level 24 - Full View

An almost full view of the level.

  • These two capsules at the end can sometimes fall and remain closed.
  • On Impossible difficulty, CS Lite from the first capsule may die upon landing.

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