Level 28 is a level (out of 42) in the Plazma Burst 2 Campaign. In level 28, the Marine finds himself fighting a large Civil Security force consisting of Lites, Heavies and Bosses. The Marine must kill them all to advance through this level. It is relatively short, but it may take a while to defeat all the enemies.


  • Start
  • Escaping the fight on an elevator.
  • These small walls can easily be penetrated.
  • The elevator won't turn back if you stay on the very edge.
  • This elevator can be used to crush enemies, especially slow ones.
  • Don't hesistate to camp.
  • That gotta hurt.
  • Group the enemies, then strike them with something explosive.
  • Time to use your best penetrating weapons.
  • Practice your self-boosting/rocket jumping here
  • There's a bonus grenade.
  • AN SECRET plazma burst:foward to the past
  • top secret players with guns

Civil Security

  • Civil Security Lite - There are only a few Lites in the map compared to the other enemies. There are 3 Lites in this level. They attack the Marine with PSI Blades at the beginning.
  • Civil Security Heavy - The Civil Security garrison in this level consists mostly of the Heavies. Two Heavies are trapped in small pods in a room equipped with the CS-BNG. Because of their high health and stability, these enemies present a great hazard to the Marine. There are 13 Heavies.
  • Civil Security Boss - There are more Bosses than Lites but less than Heavies. These enemies represent a serious threat to the Marine because of their high health and firepower. There are 6 Bosses and they are found with the heaviest and most dangerous weaponry.


  • It's one of the few levels in which the enemies only use weapons with non-deflectable projectiles.

Level 28 - Full View

A full view of the level.

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