Level 36 is a Proxy level in the Plazma Burst 2 Campaign. In this level, Proxy reaches a Civil Security room that resembles a warehouse, storage room and training facility.


  • The beginning of the map
  • Destroying the barrels near the switch
  • Camping technique
  • Second wave
  • The end of the map
  • Red: There is the enemy which gets cloned; green: This is the laser.
  • Cloner location.

There is a laser blocking the exit and Proxy must activate a button from the bottom left corner to turn it off. However, the sound of the laser shutting down attracts the CS's attention and Heavies teleport to find out what happened. Since they are blocking the exit, Proxy must fight them before she can advance. However, they come in three different waves and are armed with the Ray Gun. So, although the level is extremely small, it will take a while.

The most common way for players to defend themselves in this level involves crouching behind a block in the lower left side of the map. The waves of enemies will come from the right side and above. Even this technique is still dangerous however, as many as two hits from the Ray Gun will kill the player instantly. When the Civil Security enemies stop coming, Proxy is prompted to use swords and get up onto the blocks. Then she must proceed to the area that previously contained the laser and do a Wall Jump or a rocket jump to enter the completion area above.


Civil Security


There are two strategies in this level:

  1. Sprinting - Get to button that deactivates the laser, use it, activate Time Warp and run and jump with your swords to the exit past the level.
  2. Combo/Camping - Mainly, people camp where the switch is behind the small wall. If you are brave, you can reveal yourself from the wall and spam the troops using your fastest and strongest guns to kill them.


Level 36 - Full View

A full view of the level.

  • This is the last level where you play solely as Proxy.