Level 5 is a level in the Plazma Burst 2 Campaign. This is a Civil Security base level that forces the player to clear a building of Civil Security enemies. In this level, the Marine learns to fight a lot of enemies in a small space, as there are many Civil Security Heavies and Lites.


  • The beginning of the level.
  • Taking cover from enemy fire.
  • The Marine after killing the first Civil Security forces.
  • Using penetration to kill a few Civil Security soldiers safely.
  • Riding the elevator to the top.
  • Killing the last enemy; going to the end of the level.
  • There are two secret grenades in the level, shown here.

The level starts off with the Marine traveling up the elevator from Level 4 to a small Civil Security base. There, he finds multiple Lites and Heavies and must find a way to get one story above to a door. The player will be faced with Lite Railguns and Rocket Launchers, as well as enemies with nothing other than PSI Blades.

As the elevator reaches its destination at the start of the level, the Player takes cover in a niche in the wall, or charges the enemies. After clearing the lower floor section, the Marine finds a second elevator and reaches the top floor, again faced with PSI Swords, Rocket Launchers, and Railguns. The player crosses the top floor and completes the level.


Civil Security

  • Civil Security Lite - These enemies are typically equiped with PSI Blades and occasionally Assault Rifles. They tend to charge the player. There are 5 of these.
  • Civil Security Heavy - The main enemy in the level, they carry heavier weapons like the Rocket Launcher and the Lite Railgun. There are 13 of these.

Tips and trivia

Level 5 - Full View

A full view of the level.

  • This level has a map size of 10792 bytes.
  • The area to the far right at the beginning of the level is an excellent camping spot for clearing the first room.
  • It's possible to rocket jump from the second elevator to the roof to pick up two grenades.

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