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Level 8 is a level in the Plazma Burst 2 Campaign. Following level 7, the Marine leaves off where he finished after falling from level 7, inside an Androids' base. On this level, the player will encounter a sizeable group of Androids. The level has many jump pads and is actually a gauntlet built over and suspended above these levitators.

Plot Edit

  • The start of the level.
  • The middle centre of the map.
  • Gravitator area.
  • The button finding area.
  • The end of the level.
Level 8 - Full View

A full view of level 8.

The level begins with the Marine having fallen from the shaft in Level 7 into another series of rooms. He is initially unnoticed by the enemies across from him, but after hearing one shot, a group of Android T-01187s engages the Marine. These enemies are armed with Alien Shotguns without upgrades and don't have much health; the Marine can easily eliminate these enemies.

The Marine crosses a series of levitator paths and comes into contact with the more powerful Android SLC-56s. There are 4 of these enemies, all carrying Heavy Railguns. These hostiles can kill the player in one shot to the head if he/she is using the Lite Battlesuit. The player either eliminates these enemies or seeks cover in the lower section of the map. There is a button in this lower section that activates a door which allows the player to proceed into the level finish area. 

After activating the hard to reach button, the Marine goes through the now-open door and up another levitator. After going up, he finds three more Androids and eliminates them. The Marine then walks down the shaft and exits the level.

Hostiles Edit

Androids Edit

Trivia Edit

Level 8 - Plan B

An alternative way to complete this level. You will need some explosives.

  • This is the second level that contains Androids.
  • This is the only level in the game that contains Android T-01187s.
  • There is a hidden Plasmagun along with some grenades above the first jump pads.

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