Level 8 is a level in the Plazma Burst 2 Campaign. Following level 7, the Marine leaves off where he finished after falling from level 7, inside an Androids' base. On this level, the player will encounter a sizeable group of Androids. The level has many jump pads and is actually a gauntlet built over and suspended above these levitators.


  • The beginning of the level.
  • The Marine in an intense firefight with the first Androids.
  • Fighting the rest of T-01187s.
  • Killing off the last of the first Androids.
  • Killing one of the Android SLC-56s.
  • Killing another one of the SLC-56s.
  • Killing one more SLC-56 by pushing it into a wall.
  • Accelerating the last SLC-56 to make it hit a wall at a very high speed.
  • Going to the button.
  • The button.
  • The last group of Androids.
  • This group was not a serious threat.
  • Destroying the last enemy and finishing the level.
  • An alternative way to complete this level. You will need some explosives.

The level begins with the Marine having fallen from the shaft in Level 7 into another series of rooms. He is initially unnoticed by the enemies across from him, but after hearing one shot, a group of Android T-01187s engages the Marine. These enemies are armed with Alien Shotguns without upgrades and don't have much health; the Marine can easily eliminate these enemies.

The Marine crosses a series of levitator paths and comes into contact with the more powerful Android SLC-56s. There are 4 of these enemies, all carrying Heavy Railguns. These hostiles can kill the player in one shot to the head if he/she is using the Lite Battlesuit. The player either eliminates these enemies or seeks cover in the lower section of the map. There is a button in this lower section that activates a door which allows the player to proceed into the level finish area.

After activating the hard to reach button, the Marine goes through the now-open door and up another levitator. After going up, he finds three more Androids and eliminates them. The Marine then walks down the shaft and exits the level.




Level 8 - Full View

A full view of level 8.

  • This is the only level in the game that contains Android T-01187s.
  • There is a hidden Plasmagun along with some grenades above the first jump pads. Unlike in level 7, there are no traps near it.

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