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The Lite Railgun v01 CS-HShot is one of two railguns, weaker but faster and more accurate than the Heavy Railgun. The Railgun is a powerful weapon for its size, with great damage, power, decent accuracy, and, as a rail weapon, infinite projectile speed. Though lacking in wall penetration, it can penetrate two or three bodies and can't be deflected. It's best used to pick off stray enemies but is less effective when faced against large groups of enemies.

The Lite Railgun sports a sky-blue section in its core, and like the Heavy Railgun, the section glows when the weapon is ready to fire. This section probably represents the rail source. There is a small pistol grip on the back of the weapon that lacks any type of firing mechanism or trigger guard.

This weapon is mainly used by Civil Security Lites, but is often used by HeaviesBosses, and the Usurpations as well. The Lite Railgun can be found in many places all over the campaign. It is introduced in Level 4 and quickly becomes one of the most used weapons in the game, especially for the earlier levels. The player can't equip any other slot 4 weapon for most the campaign. 

The projectile is extremely versatile, making this a very dangerous weapon to low-medium health characters. The Lite Railgun is just about equally as common as the other railgun in the game, and perhaps equal to the other railgun in performance as well. The two railguns have complementary stats: where the Lite Railgun has nearly twice the rate of fire as the Heavy Railgun, it has half the damage and nearly twice the accuracy. The Lite Railgun isn't able to reload when holstered so it must be held for continuous firing. 



An ally using the Lite Railgun.

It can be purchased from the Equipment Shop for $2500 credits or picked up on level 4 from dead Civil Security Heavies. The Civil Security frequently use this weapon in battle, and it can be picked up in the early levels of the campaign so long as it doesn't have any upgrades. The Lite Railgun can be upgraded for $850 credits, and carries an expensive full upgrade price of $5050 credits.


  • It reloads faster than its heavy cousin. However, it sacrifices its power for speed.
  • It can penetrate up to 2-3 bodies.
  • The letters HShot are possibly short for "Head Shot".
    Railgun Ricochet

    Railgun ricochet.

  • Its projectiles are thinner than those of the Heavy Railgun; this is because the "Power" stat determines how large a rail will be when it is fired.
  • Unlike the Heavy Railgun, the Lite Railgun can't reload when holstered.
  • It makes a short, high-pitched 'zap' sound when firing, allowing players to instantly identify its use. It's firing noise is similar but notably distinct from the Heavy Railgun's long, low hum.
  • 1-2 headshots will dispatch most lower-class enemies.