• Default Lite Battlesuit
  • Heavy Battlesuit

There are two types of battlesuits that the Marine can wear in Plazma Burst 2: the smaller, lighter Lite Battlesuit and the more robust Heavy Battlesuit. The lite battlesuit gives you 500 health and more agility, while the heavy battlesuit gives you 750 health and more stability, but makes you move slower.


  • On impossible difficulty, the lite battlesuit has 130 hp, and the heavy battlesuit has 150 hp. The real trade off with the heavy battlesuit in this situation is stability rather than health; if you lose stability under enemy fire on impossible, it is unlikely that you will survive.
  • In earlier versions of the game, selecting the lite battlesuit for the Marine also reduced Proxy's hp to 500 without affecting any other stats.This was fixed in version 1.20.
  • You can edit your skin in the campaign with various colors.
  • The battlesuits were most likely made by Correction Nine.
  • The battlesuits have AI in them, called the Battlesuit AI Module or EXOS.