Welcome to the Plazma Burst 2 Wiki

From here you can see recent activity of fellow editors and what is happening around the wiki. Feel free to create new pages, edit existing ones, add photos, make a blog post, or message other users. A brief list of various tasks that will need to completed around the wiki will go in this box, along with a general news section that will describe events happening across the wiki. List of current Administrators:





  • Approved custom maps - We need pages for a few notable approved maps. Probably more than what we currently have, but not necessarily a page for every approved map. Use the approved map template.


A new, offical wiki has been created! You can view it at [1]


  • Make sure to appropriately name your uploaded files.
  • Do not add information regarding PB2.5 to articles other than the PB2.5 article as every aspect of the game is susceptible to change in the future.

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