Battlefield is a map by Neelfrost. It was made in February 2013. This map is mainly for Team Deathmatch, but can be used for Deathmatch, and Cooperative as well. This map can be used for 16-player battles.


The map has two towers on each side with platforms on the very top and a lake separating the two sides. The two team's main goal is to charge at each other using the platforms, towers, or lake. Like other maps, there is an invisible barrier at the edge of the two sides, preventing players from leaving the boundaries of the map.





  • Red Civil Security Lite




  • Staying on the bottom with no weapon will prove fatal to anyone.
  • It is recommended to stay in the towers since there are Sniper Rifles that can detect you.
  • Assault Rifle CS-RC is the best gun to use in this game, since there is an open field where you can spray.
  • The best way to survive a fall from the platforms into the lake is to hold the Up or W key; this will prevent your body from slamming against the shallow bottom.

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