WarFare is a medium-large approved custom map created by NeelFrost somewhere before the 1.20 update. The map is a Red vs Blue map and works especially well with Cooperative, but can host all game modes.


This map has two places to find from, the surface and underground. It is advised to fight underground since it has "more cover" and four Railguns and Rocket Launchers. This map also features three teleports, one in the middle, and the other two on left and right, leading to the red and blue's bases.

A laser barrier with an invisible wall is at the right/left of their bases preventing from leaving the map's boundaries. However, this barrier can be overcome if enough force is applied by other players, and a player may be able to fall to their death, as the bases are stationed quite high above the rest of the map. Like many other maps, this map is symmetrical.


This level makes heavy use of team-color oriented weapons, and include blue and red pistols, rifles, and shotguns.


Red Team

Blue Team




  • Do not use the railguns on this map too much, there is a chance to kill yourself, due to the weird design of the walls.
  • The shotgun is one of the best all-arounder weapons for this level, functioning as both an excellent short-range and decent long-range weapon.
  • Flanking is an excellent tactic for this level; if the bulk of enemy players are concentrated on the above-ground portion of the map, try and come up behind them through the basement.
  • To get rid of campers in their bases, get your team to use the Rocket Launchers. If you have big ping, you can kill them all alone: stay on the teleport, select a weapon and hold fire button in direction where the enemies should be after teleportation, press the teleport button, escape from the teleport at the right time. If done correctly, your enemies will see you have teleported and, if lucky, killed someone.
  • Picking up enemy weapons in COOP is always a good idea. The enemy will often have a harder time identifying the hostility of your fire if your weapons' colors match theirs.

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