Extermination is an approved custom map made by PixelByte at October 31st, 2015. The most of the map is a large base/cave-like structure filled with many different weapons. This map focuses on grabbing the best weapons you can find to make killing enemies easier.


The map features a large base in the central portion of the map, which includes small pathways to an underground section, which lacks cover, extending towards each end of the base; a large area of water, serving as a path in and out of the underground area, can be found in the middle of said area. Outside of the base lies spawn points for each team: the left side reserved for the blue team and the right for the red team. The left side of the map features a pool of water, which allows easy access underground, whereas the right side does not, containing only gravitators instead. Multiple weapons are scattered throughout the map, instead of at the players' disposal, totaling up to 95 individual weapons.



Red Team

Blue Team

  • Blue Noir Lime


  • There are a lot of weapons scattered throughout, and multiple pathways to follow - each providing an advantage of some sort.
  • A minigun, which can easily be claimed by the blue team, can be found. This is useful in certain sections such as the underground area, but provides an unfair advantage over the red team immediately.
  • The underground portion contains little to no cover. Spamming a weapon will likely result in more kills as opposed to spamming in the base.
  • In certain situations, flanking the enemy can help in scoring kills.


  • The map is laggy, due to the large size and the amount of detail.
  • This map was created on Halloween, although it had nothing to do with it.

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