Plane Map

The cockpit of a plane map

Plane maps are various types of maps in Multiplayer for Plazma Burst 2. This map type usually have a immortal player. A successful plane map utilizes moving doors, which may also be used as a ground or tarmac, that can be lowered to give a structure (plane) made out of walls the appearance of flight. The structure is usually shaped like an airplane, and have take off and landing capabilities using the doors, like real aircraft.


Argon7 Airplane

Expanded view of a plane map

All planes have moving doors to simulate flight. Most plane maps have gunshops that only immortals can access, using acid as defense from mortal players or lasers that are pushers with damage, and the entrance to the plane is almost the same way, functioning as a base almost, in most maps. Plane maps are popular in role-playing with Plazma Burst 2 players, and the way the map allows for role-playing varies and can determine the critical reception and popularity of the map.

Airplanes aren't the only aircraft that can be seen in Plane Maps, although the most widespread. Spaceships, helicopters, and zeppelins can also be used for these types of maps to create different experiences. The aircraft vehicle itself is typically not the only structure in the map. In most Plane Maps there will be a side area usually with a ticket booth or an airport; sometimes the guns are stored outside of the aircraft.

Example Plane maps

Map ID
nazi neko-plane
mr jaks nes-plane

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