Plasmagun Gliding

Gliding with a Plasmagun.

Plasmagun gliding is a tactic that utilizes the Plasmagun CS-Bloom or any powerful automatic weapon (Minigun C-02mM4A1Ray Rifle TCoRR, Alien Rifle + Alien Shotgun combo) to boost the player's body higher than a jump. It is performed by the player jumping, pressing X to go into a ragdoll state, and firing the weapon at the ground. The recoil of the automatic fire will give the player enough energy to boost higher than a normal jump. The M4A1 is the best except for the fact it must be reloaded after 30 shots.

In Level 33Proxy must use the Plasmagun to glide or "boost" up the side of a wall to complete the level. This is only necessary if the second path is chosen, as opposed to the moving platform. In Level 27, the Marine has to use a fully automatic rifle to give him enough power to overcome the extra-wide wall gap during his walljump. Plasmagun gliding and tactics involving similar weapons are frequently used in the Campaign.


Plasmagun Gliding 1

Another example of Plasmagun Gliding.

  • You may also use this tactic to get across great water distances extremely quickly. This is done by being at the surface of the water, hold down whichever key to the way you are going, and firing in the opposite direction.