All Plazma Burst 2 Staff as of April 2016

The Plazma Burst 2 Staff keep the Game, Website, Chat and Forums in order by dealing with rule breakers or editing out mistakes. Some also help Eric Gurt with updates.


  • Trial Staff: A temporary rank, usually lasting up to a week, used to distinguish newly recruited staff from the official Support Team; can only ban players in the chat, and have limited access to forum tools. Have purple names in forums, but green names in chat.
  • Support Team: This rank depicts official STs that passed their trial; can only ban players in the chat and forums. Have green names in chat and forums.
  • Moderator: Can ban players in the site, chat, forum, and has the ability to instantly kick anyone from matches. Have light blue names in chat and forums.
  • Head Moderator: Can reset account passwords and ban on the site, matches, chat and forum, as well as instantly kick from matches. Have dark blue names in chat and forums.
  • Administrator: Can do anything except edit the website. Have red names in chat and forum.

Current Staff


Head Moderators

  • Kazy


  • Wasted Time
  • dandamage
  • Garuda 1
  • tehswordninja
  • Silent Aurora

Support Team

  • Bramble

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