All Plazma Burst 2 site staff (April 2018)

The Plazma Burst 2 site Staff keep the Game, Website, Chat and Forums in order by dealing with rule breakers or editing out mistakes. Some also help Eric Gurt with updates.


  • Staff: Highest of all rank, has absolute power. This rank mainly focuses on game development.
  • Site Administrator: Can do anything except edit the website. Have red names in chat and forum.
  • Site Head Moderator: Can reset account passwords and ban on the site, matches, chat and forum, as well as instantly kick from matches. Have dark blue names in chat and forums.
  • Site Moderator: Can ban players in the site, chat, forum, and has the ability to instantly kick anyone from matches. Have light blue names in chat and forums.
  • Site Support Team: This rank depicts official STs that passed their trial; can only ban players in the chat and forums. Have green names in chat and forums.
  • Site Trial Staff: A temporary rank, usually lasting up to a week, used to distinguish newly recruited staff from the official Site Support Team; can only ban players in the chat, and have limited access to forum tools. Have purple names in forums, but green names in chat.

Current site staff


Site Administrators

Site Head Moderators

Site Moderators

Site Support Team