The Ray Rifle TCoRR is an automatic ray type rifle. It cannot be obtained by any character in the campaign. An arm cannon version was used by the Elite Grub, encountered in Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past. Due to the very similar performance, it's very likely a human-wieldable version of the aforementioned Arm Cannon variant. The Ray Rifle is a compact, fully automatic, single-shot variant of the Ray Gun C-01y. The stopping power of this gun is very high, and its bullets deal an average amount of damage, greater than the other assault rifles, while it has great accuracy and a high fire rate. While not specifically categorized as an assault rifle, it effectively is an assault rifle in appearance and performance.

The rifle has an identical fire rate to the Assault Rifle C-01r and the Minigun C-02m, and the damage and accuracy of its projectiles are roughly equal to that of the Alien Rifle. The ray rifle has no recoil climb, indicating the accuracy of the rifle won't decline after multiple shots. It maintains a standard penetration power of three blocks.


The Ray Rifle TCoRR was added in a later update, thus, it cannot be found in the campaign. It can only be put in custom maps.


  • The Map Editor ID for the Ray Rifle is gun_rayrifle.
  • The shape of this weapon is similar to the Plasma Cannon of PB:FttP, and the hands of a type of Blue Armored Grub.
  • This weapon was released on July 10, 2013, as part of Version 1.20.
  • Its fire rate rivals is equal to that of the Minigun C-02m and the Assault Rifle C-01r.
  • At normal speed, the Ray Rifle-TCoRR can fire about 10 shots per second or 600 rpm, equal to the Assault Rifle C-01r and Minigun C-02m.
  • The accuracy of this gun at far range has the efficiency of a Plasmagun CS-Bloom.
  • The PB2 Ray Rifle TCoRR seems to be a human-wieldable version of the hand version found in PB:FttP.
  • The rifle's magazine curves in towards the trigger guard, an unusual design among firearms.
  • TCoRR does mean something, yet its meaning will be shown in a later game (possibly 2.5), according to Eric Gurt.
  • The Ray Rifle is made by a faction of aliens on Mars (most likely the Grubs). They could have also made the Plasma Cannon.