• Example of a red player against blue team players
  • Red and Blue Team buttons

Red vs Blue is a type of map/game which features the Red team against the Blue team. It can be Cooperative or Team Deathmatch, but never Deathmatch. The key feature in these maps is the character skins, which usually use the player's teamplay model. This includes the red/blue version of the game's basic characters. Some cooperative red vs blue maps do not use the player's TDM skin, rather, a pre-set, standard red or blue character (such as the red or blue skin Marine.)

Most red vs blue maps contain red team weapons and blue team weapons. The Pistol C-01pAssault Rifle C-01r, and Shotgun C-01s all have red and blue variants. However, there are often several heavy weapons, like the Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro, Ray Gun C-01y and CS-BNG, but not in every map, and they are not always specially designed for a separate team. Usually, a map allows up to eight players, but some allow up to sixteen.

There was a new feature released as of Version 1.20 that includes buttons for red and blue team. These buttons add on a new aspects of Red vs Blue gameplay, as only one team can push a certain button. This allows certain teams to gain advantages over the other using the triggers. Another update allowed either red or blue players to activate a region if they walk into it.


The first red vs blue map was Eric Gurt-ftp1_mp which is modeled after Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past levels 1 and 2. After the creation of this map, red vs blue maps grew popular.

Example Red vs Blue maps

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