The SMG, or Submachine Gun, is a compact, fully-automatic weapon used by Noir Lime in Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past. The SMG fires rounds which resemble actual red bullets, like it's Plazma Burst 2 counterpart. The gun is not purchasable and can only be used by Noir Lime. As far as it is known, Noir Lime is the only one who wields the gun. This may be due to his rank, or for the convenience of the game.

The SMG is fairly accurate compared to others weapons, and its projectiles do a little more damage than an upgraded Assault Rifle. The SMG is useful for long range combat, and can shoot an accurate stream of bullets even with its fully automatic fire mode.

The gun's design looks similar to an MP40 or an M3 Grease Gun. The reciever resembles the MP40 quite a bit, while the lower sections of the weapon resemble the Grease Gun, in addition to the magazine.


  • This is the only gun Noir Lime can use in Plazma Burst: Forward To The Past.
  • The Minigun C-02m might be an improved version of this weapon in Plazma Burst 2, although it seems like a very far stretch, considering the design and size of the Minigun.
  • Noir Lime was keeping the SMG with him when injured by Sword Bot in Level 16, however, in PB2 level 40 Noir Lime crashes with the Minigun in his hands. It's still unknown what happened with SMG and from where the Minigun come.
  • In terms of stats, the SMG acts like an extra accurate Assault Rifle C-01r. Although it is a quite effective weapon, remember that this is the only weapon Noir Lime can use in PB: FttP, so you should be careful in situations where it's not ideal.