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Saw and Escape maps are types of maps in the Plazma Burst 2 Multiplayer. These maps are Cooperative maps in which the team is forced to escape to win. Escape maps generally contain 6-16 players, depending on the size of the map and the difficulty of the opstacles. The amount of teams in the map can vary, although there is usually only one team of cooperative players.
Acid saw

Example of an acid saw.

Some saws and escapes have special players that press the Use buttons and activate the traps. Sometimes it just ends with players losing from the game and resulting in death. Other approaches include the one-team method. This is the most common arrangement of saw maps, and only includes one team where all of the players need to cooperate with each other. Ultimately, the team will need to be wiped out for the next round to start, so these maps usually kill the player upon completion.

Types of SawsEdit

  • Acid saw
  • Classic saw/traps
  • Obstacle saw
  • Glitch saw
  • Water saw
  • Wall jump saw
  • Parkour
  • Troll saw
  • Escape
  • Invisible floor
  • Deathrun
  • Maze
  • Ninja training
  • Portnade saw
  • Funny Traps


  1. Acid: They are commonly used in escape/saw maps.

    Example of laser.

  2. Gravity: Sometimes if there is too much gravity it pushes you in the air violently.
  3. Falling Blocks: Commonly type of traps that can be deadly. Some players can glitch through it.
  4. Bombs: Blows you up and shreds your body.
  5. Laser: This trap basically cuts you in half, or at least kills you.
  6. Small blocks: Flying black squares. To avoid it, in most cases, just press "X". Sometimes these explode.
    Invisible Doors

    An example of invisible walls.

  7. Cage: A kind of trap which traps and squishes a player who sets it off.
  8. Invisible floor: An invisible floor. It usually comes with rifles, so just shoot in front of you to figure out where the floor is.
  9. Elevator-to-death: Creates an elevator and goes up until you end up being crushed on a wall/ceiling.
  10. Death: Kills you automatically when you step or got closer at these spots. Sometimes mapmakers put guns as bait in these spots.
    NO oxygen

    Example of No oxygen room.

  11. No-Oxygen-room: Used in some maps. In these areas, your health slowly depletes. (Kind of like acid)
  12. Blocks: These are used sometimes as transportation, but sometimes squish you.
  13. Freeze: A trap which triggers during the end of the game were the remaining players are frozen and forced to kill themselves.
  14. Pitfalls: A kind of trap, in which if fallen into, you either get crushed or drown in acid.
  15. Crushing walls: Usually at the start of any escape maps, its main reason is to kill the AFK [Away From the Keyboard] players
  16. Gravity Water: It is a tunnel with water which has gravitational force inside it pushing players violently at walls.
    Blockman shooter

    Blockman shooter

  17. Blockman shooter: It is a rare trap were there is a block in a human figure with a gun that when triggers it shoots a block bullets or explosive blocks.
  18. Boat ride: A trap which the players will have to ride a boat but,the player will not sail in water but, in acid. Sometimes, this is followed up by obstacles which will make the player fall in the acid.
  19. Destroyer Squares: These squares make players bodies to explode, these squares are usually colored white or red.
  20. Impalement: The most awkward trap in some saw/escape maps, it is a very thin block usually in a vertical position which swoop down in the waist level carrying the victim or cutting through the waist level.
  21. Whirlpool: A kind of trap which usually in water and sucks the player to death zone or violently crushed to death or get trap and forced to say -kill.
  22. Faked button: A button which doesn't work really and usually kills you with an explosion or something.
  23. Multiple buttons: A group of buttons that have to be pressed in a certain order or it will kill you. (i.e explosions)

Tips in how to surviveEdit

  1. Don't forget it's a co-op map, so that means that you have to use teamwork, and don't forget the main three tactics that will usually help win a game, listed below. These are extremely important in multiplayer saws.
  2. Don't ditch your team; many saws will allow certain ahead players to push buttons that trap and kill their teammates.
  3. Don't be selfish.
  4. Help each other in order for the maximum amount of players to survive.


  • Mostly the only weapon in this maps is Defibrillator, but maps with invisible walls usually have rifles.
  • Saw/Escape maps can't be approved because there is typically only one team, and the map is extremely unbalanced and usually involves little to no combat. Saw maps are full of deathspawns.
  • Saw and Escape maps usually utilize strong, instant-death acid to challenge the players.

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